Who is TransLine?

TransLine is a collaborative project started by Dr. Dawn Harbatkin and Dr. Nick Gorton at Lyon-Martin Health Services in 2011.  Due to an increase in demand and utilization of TransLine, in 2013, we expanded our collaboration to include other expert clinicians in the field of trans health outside of Lyon-Martin.  In 2013, Dr. Tim Cavanaugh and Julie Thompson, PA at Fenway Health in Boston, Dane Menkin, NP at Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia, and Aleah Nesteby, NP at Bay State Health in Northhampton join our team. Though Dane has since left Mazzoni Center and Aleah has since left Bay State Health, they both have continued their work with TransLine as independent clinicians.  In 2017, Kristin Keglovitz Baker, PA at Howard Brown in Chicago, Deb Dunn, PA at Chase Brexton in Baltimore, and Megan Caine, NP at Whitman-Walker in Washington DC joined the TransLine team as well.  In 2018, Dr. Dawn Harbatkin and Dr. Tim Cavanaugh left their positions are their respective clinics as well as their work on TransLine.


Current Team:

Clinical Lead: Dr. Nick Gorton, Lyon-Martin Community Health Services

Administrative Lead: JM Jaffe, Lyon-Martin Community Health Services & Trans Health Consulting, LLC

Julie Thompson, PA, Fenway Health

Dane Menkin, NP, Main Line HealthCare

Aleah Nesteby, NP, Transhealth Northampton

Kristin Keglovitz Baker, PA, Howard Brown Health

Deb Dunn, PA, Chase Brexton Health Care

Megan Honor Caine, NP, Whitman-Walker Health

Jamison Bradshaw, DO, Psychiatrist, Lyon-Martin Community Health Services

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