How to Change Name and/or Gender Marker on U.S. Passport

To change the name listed on a passport only, no letter is required.  Go to the US Passport Help Guide to learn about correct forms to complete and mail in.

To change the gender marker listed on a passport, a doctor's letter stating the person has undergone “clinically appropriate treatment” for gender transition must be provided to a location authorized to accept passport applications. Please see the attached template letter.  The letter must be the original, on the doctor’s office letterhead, and signed (or co-signed) by a MD-level provider.  This letter, with a completed form (DS-11) must be presented to the Passport Office in person, even if they would otherwise be eligible to renew by mail. Find a Passport Office near you. 


For detailed information on how the process works, review the Transgender Law Center's Guide, ID Please.

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