10 Tips for Improving Services to Transgender People

The Transgender Law Center's 10 Tips for Improving Services to Transgender People

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    Danielle Quimby Currey

    Thank you for this document.  As a future ND, I want my practice to be a welcoming environment for all patients and their companions.  While I do not plan to specialize in transgender health, I do want to provide appropriate health care to anyone who graces my front door.  I would be interested in templates for intake forms as well as physical exam forms that would be inclusive if you have these resources.  Also, specific language to be used during exams would be wonderful.  I am aware of referring to a chest exam instead of a breast exam especially for FTM patients.  More options such as these would be fantastic.

    Again, thank you for this service and information.

    Danielle Currey - Happy Valley, OR

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    Elizabeth Sekera

    Thank you, Danielle.  Over time we will be adding suggested form templates and more trans-sensitive resources.  Please check back - and thank you for being an advocate for trans health!

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